viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017



                                                 JULES VERNE SCHOOL

                                 “A mí no me califica el maestro, me evalúa el mundo”

                                                 By María Eugenia Chávez


Friday                                                                                         September 22, 2017



1. Trace letter A a (capital and small) each time you write it, repeat it phonetically.  (Apple a, animal a, acorn a)

    Use a line paper and color pencils. 

          Trace one line of Capital A and one line of small a.  See the example!



2. On a line paper write your bname three times. Remember to use capital and small letter. Use pencil or color pencils.



Make som  penmanship exercises on a plain (Bond papero r notebook) use colors. See the examples.



4. On a plain paper (Bond papero r notebook) draw a big apple and color or decorate it as you want, repeat its phonetic name. Apple A 




5.- See the videos of phonic letters. And repeat the alphabet phonetically. You can find them in Youtube

6. See  the numbers videos and repeat and count,  They are in Youtube.


              Thank you kids, see you soon:


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